Proudly 100% kiwi-owned Abrasive Blasting & Heavy Industrial/Protective Coatings Company - Sandblasting, Steel Grit Blasting, Zinc Arc Spraying, Glass Bead-Garnet Blast Cleaning, Commercial/Industrial …. Everything From Wheel Rims & Bike Frames to Large Production Runs ….
Canopy Tree's - The Crossing, Highbrooke Auckland

Absolute Blast LTD is a Specialist Grit Blasting, Protective Coatings and Industrial Coatings Company supplying a Fast, Efficient and High Quality Blasting and Coating Service using products such as Steel Shot, Garnet and other Blasting Media, Hot Zinc Metal Spraying and Industrial Paint Systems.

Absolute Blast LTD’s Steel Blasting and Protective Coatings Work covers a wide range of Commercial and Industrial Industries including the Engineering, Transport, Construction, Restoration and Petrochemical Industries.

Absolute Blast LTD can also carry out onsite Residential and Industrial Work and Powder Coating on request.

Absolute Blast LTD can also Blast and Coat all manner of Small Things Also…..Patio Furniture, Metal Bookcases / Stands, Car Parts / Steel Rims,  Machinery, Boat and Car Trailers, Caravans and Motor Holmes…….You name it…We can Probably Blast It!!

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